Why choose us?

Why choose an association management company?

The decision to transition from a standalone association to using an association management company is no small matter.  Directors and members alike are concerned that they may lose their autonomy; the cost of a management company would be unsustainable; and really, what will the organization gain?

Organizational autonomy:  IMS works with the client organization, not in place of them.  The control of the organization is maintained by the Board of Directors and ultimately, the members.  IMS serves as the arms and legs of the Board, carrying out their direction.

Expense of outside management: One might think that contracting for management services would be cost prohibitive, but IMS makes it possible.  Think of all the little expenses that are often forgotten when considering the cost of management… rent, telephone, electricity, gas, water, sewer, trash, extra labor for events, field expertise, personnel with seasonally fluctuating levels of engagement.  The real story is that through association management, the resources of your organization are more efficiently and effectively engaged and costs are shared among the multiple clients of IMS.  Consider this, does your association have the money to hire a full-time webmaster, social media director, financial administrator and executive director?  Does the association really need all those people full-time? If you were not paying for all that professional skill full-time to fill part-time needs, what could you do with the extra money? How much further could you go in fulfilling the mission of your organization?

What will your organization gain?

Efficient resource allocation. Use of professional, expert staff and labor when you need it without having to pay for it all the time; combined purchase power gained through being part of the IMS family of clients; increased flexibility of staff and resources.

Elimination of the burden of Human Resources.  IMS assumes all the responsibility for human resources including payroll, taxes, benefits provision, and more.

Expert staff. Because this is what we do, all day, every day and we strive to constantly learn and hone our skills in all aspects of association management, the team at IMS is able to provide experts in the field for all aspects of your organization management.

Enhanced financial structures and practices. IMS will work with your Treasurer and Executive Committee to develop policies and practices specific to your operations thereby ensuring fiscal integrity and reliability.

Right staffing. IMS clients benefit from the expanded staff talent available on demand. The personnel with the skills and knowledge you need are available when you need them without the aggravation of hiring and firing as the demands and requirements of your organization change.

Talent on demand. Whether you need assistance with leadership development, strategic planning, event planning and management, marketing and social media, web presence development, branding or any other facet of growing your association, IMS has the team to support those needs. When you need more specialized assistance, such as legal counsel, CPA firms or insurance, IMS has a network of affiliated businesses to provide those services in a cost-effective and highly reliable manner.

We believe that your association comes first – your interests, your resources, your people.  After all, this is your association.  We are here to help.  The Board of Directors maintains autonomy and authority over all organizational operations. Your organization maintains its independence. We at IMS are ready to be trusted stewards of your organization.