Member & General Administration

On a daily basis, associations need support in diverse ways. IMS provides this support through our team approach designed to seamlessly meet the changing and growing needs of your organization.  At any time, our team steps up to:

  • Provide reception and customer service to your leaders, members, potential members, and the community at large;
  • Develop new members and provide orientation education to help them realize the value of their new membership;
  • Manage member database;
  • Maintain website, social media, and other communications;
  • Support financial aspects of the association including dues billing and processing, bill processing, account management and full fiscal accounting;
  • Manage special events and projects;
  • Board support through meeting planning; agenda preparation; logistic support; minutes production, distribution and archiving; and onsite management;
  • Ensure operational adherence to governing documents and governmental requirements;
  • Preserve and develop positive relations with affiliated and parent organizations;

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