Headquarters Infrastructure

One of the best ways to advance your organization is to be available to members and potential members at least during regular business hours.  For a small organization or one run by volunteers, that is often not possible or fiscally reasonable.  With IMS a headquarters infrastructure is built in with very low overhead.  As an outsourced function, someone is available to answer your phones and give your organization a ‘full-time’ presence while your board and volunteers continue to conduct business in a model that best fits your organization.


Headquartering with IMS provides you with:

  • Office space for Chief Staff Executive
  • Conference room space as available for Committee and Board meeting
  • Virtual meeting services
  • Full-time receptionist to answer the phones of your association with the association’s identifier
  • Staff employees
  • Standard office equipment (copy, fax, laser printers, computers, phones, etc.)
  • Production services (labeling, folding, stuffing)
  • On-site material storage
  • Maintenance and storage of all legal and financial records, correspondence, files, etc.
  • Link between the organization and members
  • Handling of daily administrative functions and correspondence

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