Interim Chief Staff Executive

The Chief Staff Executive or Executive Director of an organization is the key which holds an organization together and makes the operations work with the desires of the board.  When the Chief Staff Executive is lost, particularly unexpectedly, an association can be left adrift. Finding a skilled professional to fill that gap is imperative to the continuation of the organization.


An Interim Chief Staff Executive for your organization will coordinate all IMS team efforts for your organization to best:

  • Aid in the search for a new Chief Staff Executive;
  • Coordinate all volunteer and paid staff functions to achieve the goals of the organization;
  • Monitor the performance of the organization, reporting to the board and assisting in calculating change as needed;
  • Serve as the archive of history and knowledge for the organization, tracking decisions and implementation to best guide the board in future decisions;
  • Serve as the ‘go-to’ person for the board and members
  • Become the voice of the organization to the media, interested parties and general community at the direction of and in conjunction with the board;

Work closely with the CFO, Treasurer, and Board to safeguard the fiscal resources and build a strong financial foundation;

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